The Power of Committment

I was reminded of one of my favourite quotes recently. Before I share it let me explain why it's one of my favourites. A friend of mine, Jamie, told me about a time in his life when he had separated from his wife and he was living in their house which was on the...

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What do you want to create?

When I got my first life coach and got aligned with my soul I made massive changes in my life. I changed jobs from a 'safe' and successful corporate career to working for myself in an industry I'd no experience in. I never forget the day I left my old job. I'd been...

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The WD40 of Change

As a coach, whether it is for life coaching, business coaching or sports performance coaching, I  coach people that want to make changes to their lives. I want to share what I see as the 'WD40 of change'. From Resentment... Often we can have resentment towards a...

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My story & my WHY behind what I do

I was interviewed by Liz Scott from Coaching Connect. You can here me talk about my personal journey they led me to doing what I love doing, helping people love their lives. [soundcloud url=""...

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The Success Mindset

As a coach I have my own coach. Right now I am buzzing from the insights and growth I have been experiencing recently. I realised I have a habit of thinking I know something, but that prevents us from learning something new, having fresh insights. I am experiencing...

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Why Every CEO Needs a Coach

By Ray Williams  The job of a CEO has never  been more challenging and rewarding. However, the job can be a lonely one despite the generous compensation, perks and attention. Boards, and CEOs are increasingly turning to engaging professional executive coaches to...

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How to hear your intuition

One of the most common questions I get asked is 'how do I listen to my intuition?' When do you have the best ideas? The best solutions to problems? When I ask people this question the answer is usually something like ‘in the shower’, ‘when I’m driving’ or ‘when I’m...

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Is your inner life coach an owner or victim?

As a coach (life coach, business coach and sports mind coach) there is a word I hear clients use quite often. It's the word 'should'. I want to explore what's behind this word. We all use it but often don't understand the negative impact of the mindset that is behind...

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Success doesn’t have to be has hard as you think

A lot of my coaching clients whether life or business have built previous success in areas of their lives such as their career, relationships and other projects but still struggle with a goal, or the next level or don’t feel truly happy. Inadvertently their career or...

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