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What is it you want to create?

Whether it’s conceiving a new career, new levels of business success to creating the family they dream of, I help people get out of their own way be the powerful creators they truly are.

I have helped hundreds of clients create more of what they really want in life and business – giving them a greater sense of purpose and happiness. To live the life they were meant to live. People just like you.

I work with individuals and teams to create new realities, the results they really want.

For the last 15 years I’ve worked with clients all over the world. In this information age location is never a problem.


“I now have greater confidence in myself and my abilities”



“I feel a deep reconnection with my life purpose now. You have helped me be more of myself, more fully. Thank you for that”


“The sessions were so successful that my husband is now seeing Russell too!”


how we create together

Insights & Principles

Tools & techniques can be fighting thought with thought which rarely brings transformation. I help clients get clarity on their situation. This creates insights resulting in deep lasting change. 


I have no set coaching ‘process’ or training curriculum. What works for one person may not work for someone else. Everything I do is tailored to the client.



As a Quest Cognitive Hypnotherapy practitioner as well as a coach I have everything to help you overcome limiting beliefs and create deep transformation. 


want more clarity?

Find what creates our busy mind and stop getting caught in the traps that means we get in our own way and stop us having greater clarity, insight and perspective.

Below our busy mind is all the innate resources we need to create what we want.

Want more clarity?

Find what creates our busy mind and stop getting caught in the traps that means we get in our own way and stop us having greater clarity, insight and perspective.



Business Leaders

My performance level has reached heights I never thought possible.

ANDY Professional Golfer

I’ve now found myself a new job, relocated and started a new life for myself.


All my complex issues simply melted away. Truly inspiring.

SIMON Director

I believe when we get out of our own way we have everything we need to create the inspiring life we want.

I thought I had everything I needed to make me happy. But I wasn’t happy.

In the lowest point in my life I had an insight. I was too busy pleasing people my hopes, dreams and desires went out of the window. I was living the life I thought others expected of me rather living true to myself, my soul.

My own journey led me to change my career, re-defining my relationships, doing more of what I love and being happy and inspired about life.

I’ve experienced anxiety, infertility, the corporate career ladder, setting up and running my own business, being a parent.

I now help others get out their own way whether at home, work or at play using a combination of Coaching and Cognitive Hypnotherapy.

Having run a successful Harley Street Practice in London I am now based in beautiful Cornwall. I work with individuals and organisations all over the world either face-to-face or via Zoom (like Skype).

I’ve had clients in all corners of the globe from LA, the Amazon jungle and New Zealand so location is never an issue.

Turn your ambitions into achiEvements

If you are ready to turn your ambitions into achievement let’s have a conversation to see how I can help you.

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