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create the life that inspires you

For over 10 years I have helped people unleash their potential and create a life that inspired them. I’ve worked with CEO’s, Olympic champions, entrepreneurs, artists, musicians and people from all walks of life.

We have an immense potential within us that allows us to be who we desire to be and achieve what we want to achieve. When we are connected to our innate potential we are in a state of flow. Life feels easier, we feel lighter and have a sense of possibility and belief within us.

What stops us accessing this potential more is getting caught into our thinking and limiting beliefs which can lead to feeling insecure, lacking confidence and a loss of clarity.

What if you could spend more time in the state of flow? What if you could step into the life you want with certainty you have everything you need to thrive? 

I help people get out of their heads and achieve the desires of their heart by being who they need to be.

The unique combination of Coaching and Cognitive Hypnotherapy can help you not just get clarity and overcome your blind-spots, I have the tools and experience to help you overcome limited beliefs and old patterns that have held you back from creating the life you want up until now.

How I Can Help You

It can be hard to explain ‘what I do’ because it is so different for each client. I change peoples lives from the inside-out, not just help them change behaviours or feel better. If you think your mind is involved I can probably help.

I believe everyone has everything they need within them to love themselves and love their life. To create the life of their dreams. Sometimes we are looking in the wrong place for the answers. I point people back in the right direction.

I create a container of trust, commitment and honesty where people get insights, clarity and freedom from whatever was holding them back.

I help people get out of their own way.

I free people from their thinking and optimise their state of mind.

I help people find clarity.

  • Clarity of thought which means you can find direction, solutions and create the results you want.
  • Clarity in professional and intimate relationships resulting in a deeper connection to, and understanding of, others.
  • Clarity on who you really are and what you want in life. Free from the limiting thoughts and beliefs that hold us back from being our powerful, successful happy selves.

I’ve had the privilege of working with people from the age of 8 to 78, individuals, couples and groups. I’ve coached CEOs, entrepreneurs, lawyers, artists, professional golfers, farmers, students.

The combination of Coaching and Cognitive Hypnotherapy provides transformative coaching with powerful tools to blast away limiting beliefs if required.

I work with people face-to-face in Cornwall and all over the world via Zoom (like Skype).

I don’t work with everyone and my approach is not for everyone. My client partnerships range from £500 to £10,000 and my clients understand the value of our work together on their life is priceless.

Contact me for a conversation to explore whether we are right for each other.


Previous clients have:


Changed careers to one that is more fulfilling for them. I left a career to find something that was more ‘me’. I now help others identify what that is for them and then make it happen.


Grow their existing or created new businesses or taken their career to the next level. When we get out of our own way it’s amazing what we can achieve.


Let go of their over-thinking and are free to be more themselves. They let go of anxiety, lack of confidence or other habitual negative thought patterns that held them back.  


Found or recaptured a sense of meaning and purpose in life. Life can feel hard and like a series of struggles when we don’t have a clear sense of what we are about. 


Taken their performance to a level they dream of. The thing that stops us performing the way we dream of is our thinking, our mindset. 


Got through challenges with greater emotional resilience. Life can be hard at times but we have a greater depth of resources than we imagine. I help people find theirs.


turn your ambitions into achievements

If you are ready to turn your ambitions to achievements let’s have a conversation to see how I can help you.

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