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Solutions for developing smart leaders, teams and organisations.

Everything carried out in a business goes through the mind of people. People’s thinking, their state of mind, affects the bottom line whether through reduction in errors/repeat work, increased sales or improved productivity.

I offer professional coaching, training, and facilitation solutions designed for smart leaders, teams, and organisations. My many years senior management experience in a FTSE100 company combined with being a coach enables me to facilitate transformational change to businesses, teams and individuals.

Using evidence-based tools to improve work productivity, teamwork, and communication below are some of the most popular areas of intervention.

“Russell does some amazing work with our Team at Crowdfunder.

It has been great for them to have someone outside the organisation to help them with how they think about their work, their life and move forward with a new view of the world.

It has certainly improved the wellbeing of several team members and therefore the productivity of the business.”



Individual and organisational development creates higher engagement, greater motivation, and increased productivity.


Teach your teams to work together more effectively to become a more cohesive and high achieving team.


Successful management of employee relationships allows you to be more proactive and strategic in your leadership role.


Executive coaching improves productivity and the performance of all employees as well as staff retention.


Leader As Coach training is designed to help managers and executives help maximise the potential of their teams.


Silos foster a culture of resistance and mistrust leading to low morale, lower performance and even lower job satisfaction.


Teach your sales team to understand themselves, their prospects and their relationships leading to easier agreements.


Engaged employees are more productive, provide better service, and stay in their jobs longer.


Workplace stress management results in improved well-being, higher engagement, greater motivation, and increased productivity.

unlocking potential

When an organisation is looking for productivity improvements the places they typically look at innovation (technology) and processes. What is often overlooked is the benefit that comes from a step-change in the effectiveness of individuals. Human behaviour underpins pretty much everything within a business. Anything that doesn’t require lateral thought has been computerised or outsourced. 

How much investment goes into optimising human potential over technology and processes? Is it time your team or organisation had an upgrade to the human operating system? 

When individuals understand how the human operating system works a result is they tend to be more efficient, less stressed and have more creative and inspired thinking. They have less on their mind and experience more of a flow state. 

It’s very common for people to be promoted into leadership roles due to their technical ability and experience but have not been given specific people management skills and training. 

Learning to unlock your own and your teams potential can transform business performance. 



My complex issues just melted away. Truly inspiring.


You have given us the key for an effective and more intelligent communication and left us with the reinforced motivation and renewed energy we needed!

Loredana De Cecco Spiezia
Managing Director, Spiezia Organics

I feel more energised, encouraged and inspired about my business. Thank you!

Business Owner

“Working with Russell has allowed me to gain a new perspective on all areas of my life, it allowed me to get a higher state of clarity to really start enjoying my work and my life more. Russel has a unique ability to see beyond the issue you are currently thinking about to those deeper beliefs that are potentially holding you back”


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