Leader as coach training is designed to help team leaders, managers, and executives take a coaching approach in their leadership and management roles.

Leader as coach training is designed to help team leaders, managers, and executives take a coaching approach in their leadership and management roles. 
Traditional management can be task focussed forgetting that everything done in the workplace goes through the mind of people. We are now in an information age. All jobs that can be automated or outsourced have been done so leaving work that requires us of our mind, cognitive thinking, creativity and intelligence. It requires the skills of people that cannot be carried out by machines, except we are often still managing people from an in-dustrial age perspective.

In the industrial age the drivers we machines and capital. People are necessary but repla-ceable. How we run businesses (and our education system) is often a hangup from this. Even in accounting systems people are labelled as an expense and machines are as-sets. In the information age people are assets and this requires people to be treated as a whole person not a machine (operator). If you ignore the whole person you turn a person in to a thing, something that takes a lot of management. Managing is focussed on the out-put and behaviour of people. Leadership goes further upstream and creates change within people’s mindset and thinking about themselves and situations which lead to more impactful change from within.  

“You can buy someones hand or back but you cannot buy their heart or spirit.” Stephen R Covey

Managing is about control, leading is about unleashing the whole person to feel valued and trusted. That’s when they operate at their best and are committed to the cause. This lead to greater performance, lower staff turnover and lower process and management overhead of ‘managing’ staff.

Introducing coaching skills to your managers and leaders skillset will enable them to bring the best out of their teams which brings:

• increased staff engagement & motivation
• reduced conflict
• reduced staff turnover
• increased performance and results

The most effective way to position your organisation for long-term success is train your current leaders to coach your future leaders.Leader as coach training is a skills-based, interactive course that trains participants in vital coaching skills, including:

• How to shift your mindset from supervisor/manager to coach.
• How to support and challenge your best performers to greater levels of success.
• How to conduct a coaching conversation.
• How to seamlessly integrate coaching into your everyday interactions with direct reports.

Now is the time to invest in your leadership team and create coaching culture in your organisation  Become a proficient and knowledgeable Leader as Coach by enrolling in this highly interactive program and prepare your team today for the challenges of tomorrow.

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