Workplace stress management results in improved well-being, higher engagement, greater motivation, and increased productivity.

While the physical toll of prolonged stress on individuals is readily acknowledged, another equally damaging effect of stress in the workplace is its correlation to productivity.

An HSE report showed that over 25% of workplace absence in the UK was due to stress. 

A 2016 survey conducted by Morar Consulting found that 40 percent of office workers feel burned out.

The expense of lost work time and resulting decrease in productivity for to-day’s organisations is very high.

Stress has a direct effect on the way people handle their jobs. Employees under stress at all levels of an organisation make more mistakes, have trouble concentrating, become disorganised, angry, and ultimately stop caring about their work.

The Wall Street Journal reports that one-third of people interviewed considered quitting their jobs because of stress and 14% actually did.

I provide a number of coaching and facilitation methods to help leaders and teams better manager stress in the workplace for improved well-being, higher engagement, greater motivation, and increased productivity.

Most people believe their source of stress is their environment – the situation, other people and circumstances. Often they believe if it wasn’t for X they wouldn’t be so stressed. This leaves them feeling disempowered.

The truth is 100% of stress is caused by thought. It’s our perception of the situation that creates our experience of it. Even our perception of stress. Most people are stressed about being stressed. It’s that stress about stress that causes the unhelpful (and of-ten unpleasant) physical, psychological and behavioural impact.

I create stress management programmes tailored to individuals and teams requirements and objectives.


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