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Quest Cognitive Hypnotherapy (QCH) launched a unique research project in 2011. Using a team of QCH therapists, clients with anxiety and depression were assessed using the same outcome measures currently used to assess the effectiveness of talking therapies within the NHS.

The pilot study was published in the Mental Health Review Journal in 2015.

It recorded that, using 118 cases measuring the effectiveness of Quest Cognitive Hypnotherapy for the treatment of depression and anxiety, 71% considered themselves recovered after an average of 4 sessions. This compared to an average of 42% for other approaches using the same measures (like CBT).

To our knowledge, this is the only hypnotherapy approach to have been validated in this way.

Depression and anxiety success rate


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Quest Cognitive Hypnotherapy

Source: Pilot study published in the Mental Health Review Journal in 2015

With my clients in Cornwall and online I use a modern approach to hypnotherapy, Quest Cognitive Hypnotherapy, which is quite different to traditional hypnotherapy. Cognitive Hypnotherapy was developed by the world renowned Trevor Silvester of The Quest Institute in London.

Cognitive Hypnotherapy not only uses cutting edge understanding of the nature of trance and hypnotic suggestion, it has a much wider range of tools available in the toolkit to help people, matching the approach to the client not expecting one thing to work with everyone. These are tools from a range of therapeutic approaches such as Cognitive Behavioural, Gestalt, NLP and Positive Psychology.

Everyone’s mind works differently, everyone relaxes in a different way so we utilise the uniqueness of the clients mind the is creating their problem or holding them back to set you free. For this reason I don’t tell clients how to relax or what to imagine as a relaxing place. I create a framework for their own unconscious mind to find what is most impactful for them.

Most clients have never experienced hypnosis or hypnotherapy, it is natural to be nervous,. One of the purposes of my initial consultations with prospective clients  is so you can understand more fully how we work together and how I work with clients.

With hypnotherapy are completely in control. Within any state of trance no-one can make you do something you do no want to do. Also a deep state of trance is not required for therpeaitic purposes.


It is not traditional hypnotherapy (or clinical hypnotherapy)

Clinical hypnosis & hypnotherapy is a generic term used for hypnosis for therapeutic purposes as apposed to hypnosis for entertainment (e.g. stage hypnotism).  These methods tend to be focused on the problem, so all clients with the same issue tend to be treated in the same way.

Instead, as a Cognitive Hypnotherapist …

I APPROACH EACH PERSON AS AN INDIVIDUAL. Just because I see three people in a day with the same name for their problem at my Cornwall and London practices, doesn’t mean that the same thing will work for them. Everyone creates and perceives their issue in a unique way, and I use a range of techniques from a number of different disciplines such as hypnosis, positive psychology, NLP, behavioural psychology and gestalt to put together in a particular way to suit the way you think. Nothing I know works on everybody, but everything I know works on somebody, so I adapt my approach to fit you, not hope you can adapt yourself to fit me.

I BELIEVE THAT TRANCE IS AN EVERYDAY STATE. For example when we daydream, get ‘lost’ in reading a book or watching TV or drive on auto-pilot. It’s familiar and natural. You are aware that you are in control – and there are definitely no swinging watches involved!!

I WORK IN PARTNERSHIP WITH YOU. The sessions are interesting, enlightening and empowering. You’ll receive tools, techniques and strategies to use for yourself. The therapy effect continues to multiply between sessions and long after out time together has finished. 

I HELP YOU GAIN CONTROL. If you’re stuck with a habit or you can’t overcome negative feelings, I believe that you have everything you need to regain control. I can help you find what you have already and need inside yourself.

I AM UP TO DATE. Cognitive Hypnotherapists is based on modern neuroscience and works from a modern understanding of the mind and of the mind-body connection.  As well as hypnosis I also use insights from a range of psychological and therapeutic disciplines, including NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), Positive Psychology and EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitisation & Reprocessing). This means I have a wide range or tools and techniques to utilise in solving your problem.

I USE SCIENTIFIC BACKING. Quest Cognitive Hypnotherapy is the only form of hypnotherapy to have results of its effectiveness published in the Mental Health Review scientific journal. The results of the study shows that 71% of clients gained success with Quest Cognitive Hypnotherapy for the treatment of anxiety and depression compared to the NHS’s recommended approaches of talking therapies which has a success rate of 42% (at the time of publication). 

“Hypnotherapy is supported by more scientific research than any other complementary therapy”. (The Which? Guide to Complementary Therapies, 2002).

The British Medical Association (BMA) has recognised the validity of hypnosis as a therapeutic intervention since 1955. 

I UTILISE THE MIND-BODY LINK. The mind effects the body and the body effects the mind.  Cognitive Hypnotherapy works successfully with physical issues such as pain management, eczema, IBS and the stress/anxiety response.

I AM PROFESSIONALLY TRAINED. The Quest Institute in London where I was trained, is the home of Quest Cognitive Hypnotherapy. Please see the excellent Quest Institute website for more information on the approach. I have the only hypnotherapy qualification in the UK that is accredited to the open university (the Hypnotherapy Practitioners Diploma, HPD).

I AM PROFESSIONAL AND ETHICAL. Both the National Council for Hypnotherapy (NCH) and the Complimentary and Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC) to which I accredited members promote and implement the highest standards of training, practice and professional ethics.


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