The Success Mindset

As a coach I have my own coach. Right now I am buzzing from the insights and growth I have been experiencing recently. I realised I have a habit of thinking I know something, but that prevents us from learning something new, having fresh insights. I am experiencing this roller-coaster of life with more of a beginners mind and am loving the learning and insights that come with it.

I encourage you to read this email with a beginners mind. Be coachable as you read it.

Life is a roller-coaster. Life is still a contact sport and you never know what’s around the corner.

When we feel the need to try and control circumstances and outcomes in order to know we are going to be OK it can be like trying to steer a roller-coaster.

Firstly it is futile because nothing can predict the future, not even your thinking no matter how hard you fret over it! Trying to control outcomes and worrying about future events only bring stress, anxiety and unhappiness.

Your thinking is telling you that you’ll be OK IF you know is going to happen or IF you can ensure particular a outcome.

Many of my coaching clients have a belief that they are OK if they feel in control of the journey to success. This can lead to being anxiety and stress.  In the past they have wanted to achieve something such as a successful career they have strived, battled and obtained what they wanted. Now that strategy can appear to work but it is not the most effective of successful approach.

You can’t control a roller coaster. The more you try the more you resist every twist and turn, every up and every down. That can be very uncomfortable.

Your thinking is trying to control life because it thinks his well-being is dependent on circumstances. Dependable future outcomes, dependent on knowing you are in control. The thinking is telling you can relax if you know you’re in control. You may as well try and steel roller coaster because it doesn’t work. Because the thinking is looking the wrong place for peace of mind. Peace of mind does not come from controlling circumstances. If you think it does you never get to the place of contentment and peace. There’s always something else to worry about, another situation to feel in control.

Nothing can predict the future not even your thinking. The future is an incomplete equation by it’s nature, because it doesn’t exist, it only exists in our thinking. Stop trying to complete it.

Peace of mind is a state you drop in to when you stop trying to be OK. When you stop trying to control things. When your thinking collapses and your mind quietens. You drop in to it without trying. It’s ironic we try so hard to be OK, to get pace of mind but that trying/thinking is what is preventing us from having it.

You were born with it. Look at little children they don’t have to do their journalling, affirmations, meditation to be OK. They drop back in to being OK naturally. It’s our default state within us we return naturally when we stop trying to interfere with the system.

The more we recognise this the more we begin to trust whatever happens on the outside, whatever happens in the future, wherever this roller-coaster of life takes you, you are going to be OK.

When we realise this we can create what we want in our life, achieve our goals with greater ease and wellbeing.

Whatever happens you are going to be OK, do you know that?


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