Principles of Success

At my coaching practice I help people get out of their own way and achieve the things they want in their life. Coaching can bring clarity and a shift in mindset that frees you to move forward and build the life you want.

Here are some principles.

1.  Know Your Outcome

What do you want? Most people find it easier to articulate what they don’t want rathe than what they do want. How do you want to live the rest of your life? What do you want more of, not less.  Knowing what you want gives your mind something to focus on.

By articulating what we want lets our unconscious mind know what we want it to focus on, bringing it out into the foreground. I know someone who used to be a racing driver. He explained that when he was overtaking, he was 100% focussed on the gap, not the position of other cars. What we focus on we get more of.

But what do you want? Often we don’t know. What would you want if you knew you couldn’t fail? If there were a miracle tonight and when you woke up, everything was exactly as you want it to be, how would you know a miracle had occurred?  What would you see, hear, feel, believe?

Action:  Spend 30 minutes considering your response to the questions above. Dream dreams. Be specific.

2. Take Action

The more committed you are to take action the more your unconscious resources get activated. You may be surprised how things start to happen for you which can include bizarre co-coincidences.  Also when you take action you learn, you learn far more quickly than thinking about things or theoretical exercises. Your unconscious mind learns automatically from experiences, action gives birth to experience.

If you do not know where to start, you may be surprised at even the little things you can do to help you start making some progress with your outcome. Have you ever had a party, come down the morning after and looked at all the mess wondering where to start? Just starting with anything, one small step at a time, and you soon find yourself in the flow of clearing up and seeing order being regained and progress being made.

“Take you life in your own hands and what happens, a terrible thing, no-one to blame” Erica Jong

Action:  Make a list of five very small actions you can take towards your outcome. Perhaps it is just making a phone call, or researching something on the internet – action turns information in to transformation.

3. Have Behavioural Flexibility

“If you always do what you have done, you will always get what you got”  Tad James

As human beings we value familiarity to some degree. However our survival depends on our ability to respond appropriately in unfamiliar situations.

When we take action we may be stepping out of our comfort zone but you may soon realise you are OK out there. It is the thinking of being out of your comfort zone that causes fear. When you are actually there you are surprised how you just cope because we are built to live in reality, not our thinking.

Outside your comfort zone is where the magic happens.

A coach I know challenges people to increase their comfort zone by going in to McDonalds and asking for a pizza – with a straight face. When they say they do not do pizza ask for a chicken curry instead.  He calls it the ‘pizza walk’ instead of a fire walk (walking on hot coals)! Sounds crazy but you will be surprised how you feel afterwards – as if nothing can stop you! I’ve done this a couple of times in different forms and it’s amazing how leaves you feeling on top of the world as you have broken through all sorts of limiting beliefs.

Action:  Do a pizza walk!

If you want to explore whether coaching can help you then contact me for a conversation to see whether I can help you create the inspiring life you want.

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