The Magic Pill

If I offered you a magic pill that would stop you thinking, would you take it? Most people say no or think twice because we think we need our thinking. However this is not true. Thinking leads to more thinking, worry and anxiety.

When you let go of thinking you access your inner wisdom – your intuition and instinct. This is a place of wellbeing and innate health. This is a much better guidance system for life. It is a place where creativity and insight have space to surface.

“I need to worry about things to make sure I am OK”
When we feel anxious about something it feels like fear. This is not pleasant and we do all we can to get rid of it.

We often misinterpret fear and anxiety. Fear is a physical fear, perhaps there is a lion in the room with you? That is your body preparing you for action.

However, most of the time we experience ‘fear’ it is anxiety, a psychological fear that is cause by our thinking. You are only ever feeling your thinking.

It is our thinking telling us a story about the future that we are buying in to. Yes it may be based on past experience but it is still about the future and no-one can predict the future, not even your thinking.

Any thought that is not in the present moment is an illusion.

You cannot solve a problem with thinking – you’ll be adding thought to thought and it just gets worse! It is not the quality or content of your thinking that is a problem.

It is not about letting go of negative thinking and having more positive thinking – it is letting go of thinking full stop. It is then you find peace of mind, a sense of wellbeing and innate health.

“I need to think about my problems to find solutions”
We think we need to think (which quickly becomes worry) about situation to ensure we have the best outcome or to resolve a problem. However when we get caught up in our thinking we lose perspective and can often miss solutions that could be right under our nose.

When do you get the best solutions to problems? When do have the most creative ideas? When you are not thinking specifically about anything, perhaps walking the dog or in the shower.

When we let go of our thinking we have space of insight, intuition and creativity. It is a space where answers come with out effort.

A client of mine was worrying about whether to sell their house or rent it out when they emigrate. She was a real worrier and it would go round and round in her mind for hours on end, preventing her from sleeping. As I helped her understand the true nature of thought, that is is an illusion and not truth, it is not worth listening to, she became more in tune with her inner wisdom and how safe it felt to let go of her thinking.

She set her intention to have an answer and then forgot about it. In fact they decided to forget all about the move for a weekend and went camping as a family. Guess what? Whilst sitting back, relaxing with a beer in the evening, she suddenly remember their close friend was an estate agent and they would trust him to sort the house out for them, whether selling or renting. They couldn’t believe they had missed this obvious answer. They felt complete peace about it all.

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