Fear led me to getting a coach

Why did I get my first coach?

Fear stopped me being me for too many years.

Fear stopped me leaving a job that was well paid but not ‘me’.

Fear told me ‘who was I to be paid for being me, that is not realistic and I should be grateful for what I have’.

Fear stopped me from saying what I really thought to people.

Fear kept me in a prison of wondering what people thought of me.

Fear meant I was a people pleaser.

Fear stopped me from enjoying clothes.

Fear stopped me from having fun.

Fear stopped me from being present to my family.

Fear stopped me from being honest with people.

Fear made me unhappy.

Fear made me unhealthy, leading to eating rubbish and not looking after myself.

Fear stopped me from waking up and being excited about the day.

Fear hold us back from realising our dreams. It tells us ‘who am I to….’.

We look at people doing amazing things and think ‘I couldn’t do that’. That’s fear. Fear of failing, fear of success, whatever flavour it is, it’s still fear. We are all the same, with the same potential and power within us.

I spent years running away from fear. Avoiding it at all costs.

Until I got myself a coach.

Until I learnt that fear is nothing to be afraid of. Quite the opposite.

When we lean into our fear we realise the walls of the prison we have been living in are just in our head. We make it up.

When we learn to feel comfortable with being uncomfortable we realise it evaporates and we can be free to be ourselves fully.

What feels comfortable in the short term feels uncomfortable in the longer term. What feels uncomfortable in the short term feels comfortable and life giving in the long term.

It is fear that makes it feel comfortable initially. Fear of getting out of our comfort zone makes being in the wrong job comfortable enough we don’t do anything about it. Fear of failing keeps us on the sofa instead of taking action towards our goal or secret dream.

I always have a coach to help me continually move through my new levels of fear as a I expand my sense of self and create more and more of the life I want.

What would you do if you could act decisively with or without fear?

What would you want to create if you knew you could’t fail?

You have what you need to create what you want in life and business.

If you want a conversation to explore how you can achieve your dreams, get out of your own way and let the magic happen, contact me now.

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