The 5 minute headache cure – completely natural!

headacheThe power of the mind-body link is incredible and I believe unnoticed and under-utilised by most people.  Here is a very simple headache cure that will work on 80% of headaches.

It should be noted that some headaches are indications that something is wrong, such in the case of dehydration or injury and should not be ignored or attempted to be removed with this technique. The sort of headaches that are suitable for this technique are those caused by tension or stress.

This technique uses a creative process to communicate with the subconscious mind to instruct it to remove the pain of a headache.

Step 1: Ask your self these 3 questions:

  • “if this headache had a colour, what would it be?”.
  • “if it had a shape, what would it be?”.
  • “if the background, everything that wasn’t the headache had a colour, what would that be?”.

Step 2: If the colour of the headache was to become the same colour as the background, would it have to get lighter or darker? Try it and see….gradually make it the same colour as the background so all you are left with is an outline of the shape.

Step 3: Now make that shape smaller and smaller until it is just about to disappear.

Step 4: Now make it even smaller still, so that you can try to look all over the background for it, and notice it has gone.

Step 5: Finally, ask yourself, “if there was a colour of healing, what would it be?” And then fill the background with that colour, top to bottom, right to left until it is completely full of that healing colour.

By now people find that their headache is gone or they know it’s there but can’t quite feel it the same way. If not yet, then it might not be until a few minutes time looking back that you realise you forgot to remember the moment that it disappeared! 


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