Can I share a secret with you…?

I want to let you in to a little secret not many people know about. It is something I share with all my clients at my London and Cornwall hypnotherapy practices.  A fact about how your mind works that can change your life forever.  Ready?  Here it is:  you are only ever feeling your thinking.  That’s it.  Simple as that.

What does it mean?  It means that nothing can make you feel anything.  Your job does not make you stressed, your diminishing bank account doesn’t make you worried.  Nothing makes you feel anything.  It is what you think about external circumstances creates your experience of it.

This is why everyone has a unique experience of situations.  This is why everyone has a different recollection of past memories.  We all create our own experience based on our thinking (which includes beliefs and values and past experiences).

The good news is that it means you have more control over how you feel in any given situation than you think.  You cannot control external events or people, however you can control your thinking.  It may appear that you can’t but when you begin to understand the nature of thought it becomes a whole lot easier.

The thing is, thought is not truth.  Thought creates an illusion of truth and then tells you you are thinking the thought because of this illusion it has created, when actually it is the creator of it.  Your thinking tells you stories about what is or isn’t going to happen in the future (perhaps based on past experience).  No-one, including your thinking can predict the future!  It is an illusion.  It is not truth.

Your thinking tells you that you ‘need’ to worry about your problems because if you don’t how are you going to resolve them right?  If you look back how has worrying about anything actually helped?  How much do you worry about something when the problem never actually materialises?   Worrying just adds thought to thought and you get a busier and noisier head which makes the experience even worse.

So what do you do instead?  We all have innate emotional health and wellbeing inside us.  We are born with it.  Look at kids, they are playing in the moment.  They don’t worry about future outcomes.  Over time with upbringing, education and society we learn to worry about things, to over think things and in the process lose a sense of our innate peace and intuition – our inner wisdom.  That is a much better guidance system then thought.

If you think about the times when you have solutions to problems come to mind, or when you are most creative, it is not when you are thinking about things. It is usually when you are in the shower, or shaving, or walking the dog.  It is when you are not thinking about things.

Some people go to India looking for inner peace, when in fact it is inside us.  We are born with it and we never lose it – we just drown it out with our thinking.  Thinking is like a brass band playing in our head drowning out the still soft flute of inner peace and wisdom.

You are just one thought away from peace and happiness.  If you would like help letting go of your thinking let me know.

Just like a cut will naturally heal itself our minds will naturally settle to that place of inner peace and wisdom when we let go of our thinking.  Just like a snow globe.  When we think and worry, adding more and more thought to our head it is like shaking the snow globe.  We get a blizzard of thought in our head which is exhausting and doesn’t actually serve us. When we let go of our thinking, it passes like clouds in a breeze and the noise settles, leaving a sense of clarity and peace of mind.

Remember, you are just one thought away from peace and happiness.

If you think I can help you find peace of mind contact me to book a free initial consultation and either my London or Cornwall practices.

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