How to find peace and clarity of mind.

 I had a realisation the other day.   Let me share it with you. 

Whilst speaking to my coach I had an ‘aha’ moment. I was getting caught up in the pressure of work.  However who is putting the pressure on me?


My thinking.  

I realised when I was younger my thinking that kept me under pressure back then in order to meet expectations of parents, teachers etc. served me well then but I don’t need it now.  So why is it continuing?  

Habit.  Habitual thinking.  

It seems obvious and I have ‘known’  for some time.  However thinking is deceptive, in the moment when we get caught up in it we really believe it.  We really think it is trying to help us.  It is through conversations with my coach I get the shift in perspective, we so often cannot see out own blind spots.  The intellectual knowing becomes something deeper, the penny drops, it drops in to the unconscious.  

My thinking tells me a story that I am under pressure. That if I don’t get X, Y, Z done yesterday I will miss out on opportunities A, B & C which means I will be homeless and destitute, living on the streets (OK, my thinking isn’t taking it that far but you get the drift!).

I knew it intellectually but it hadn’t sunk in to somewhere deeper, my subconscious.  Insights and ‘aha’ moments are when something bypasses the intellectual part of the brain to somewhere deeper.  That brings change.

The pressure cooker in my head was created by my thinking. The only thing keeping the lid on was my thinking.  When I let go of my thoughts, they evaporate because when we stop holding on to thoughts they move out of our awareness, like clouds in a breeze. 

The pressure was not my deadlines, by my thinking about them.  The stories I was telling myself about what will/won’t happen if I miss/change them. 

We innocently get caught up in our thinking, out of habit. 

Thought is not truth, it is an illusion of truth.  It’s a story. 

My story was that I have to be under pressure to survive. 

Thought takes you away from being in the here and now, connecting with your innate wellbeing, clarity and peace of mind.  Where you thrive. 

What’s your story?  

How would you be without it?  Spend a moment now pondering it.  Imagining life without the story you are telling yourself.  

How do you know it’s true?  Really true?  If it thinking about the past or future then is not true.  

Have fun letting go of these stories, the scripts we live life by that hold us back from being who we really want to be, who we really are.  

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