cognitive hypnotherapy pain controlDid you know how you can use  your mind to manage pain?  An easy techniques is to imagine a symbol that represents the pain and then imagine it having it in your hand.  Then bring it closer to you, you will notice it getting worse.  The have it moving away from you, perhaps throwing it away or giving it to someone to take away.  I do this with our 2 yr old.  When he falls over or bumps himself and cries with pain, I ask him if he can give me the pain and hold out my hand.  He ‘grabs’ the pain with is hand and puts it in my hand  then I take it away and throw it out the house or somewhere far off.  He immediately stops crying and is OK.  I don’t want him  to stop feeling ‘bad’ feelings, or avoid them, I don’t think that is helpful which is why we don’t use distraction but I think teaching him that we can have control over our feelings, including pain is a very useful resource to have.  Try it!   The power of our mind is amazing.  If you want to explore utilising your mind to overcome anything in your life contact me and we can have a chat to see how I can help.

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