What is Stress?

We live in at fast pace in today’s society.  Many of my clients in my hypnotherapy practice have some level of stress of anxiety they want to let go of and have more peace of mind.

Stress is any pressure or accumulation of pressures that is too much for a person to cope with comfortably.

It is not only physical dangers that evoke the stress response.  The stress response is controlled by a primitive part of our brain that cannot interpret the difference between a physical or psychological pressure.

It also cannot tell the difference between real or imaginary thoughts which is why if you were to imagine loosing your job you start to feel the same feelings and have the same experience as if you had actually lost your job!  The stress response kicks in as a protection mechanism.

So pressure from work or other situations can evoke the stress response in the same ways as walking down a dark alley at night.

What is perceived as a stress can vary from individual to individual, we all find different things stressful.  For me it can be following a recipe! (The last 10 mins of cooking christmas lunch particularly, I can and do do it, perhaps doing it more will help me overcome this as I become more competent!)

Modern lives increase in stress often in the background, we may not be consciously aware of what we are feeling stressed about.

The stress response works like a car alarm designed to keep us safe by warning of danger in our immediate environment.  You could wonder why we have it if we are no longer threatened by sabre tooth tigers whilst hunting and gathering.  But if you think about it is dangerous to turn off completely, it would be like walking through the backstreets of a dark city at night without any fear signal.

However, just like a car alarm it could also be over sensitive, people stop paying attention to it and it becomes very annoying.  But being in a constant sate of alert not only be exhausting it can have some pretty serious health consequences such as impacting your immune system.

It is possible to reset the sensitivity, to turn it down to a more appropriate and healthy level.

Learning stress reduction techniques can help you let go of stress in any given moment and turn off the stress response and allow the hormone and chemical balance in your system to return to a normal and healthy state, letting the adrenalin levels subside.

I teach stress reduction at my London hypnotherapy clinic but it is possible to find be free from the cause of stress, our thinking, which means we no longer need to rely on techniques.

Stress often catches us unaware.  I remember a video going around on the internet of a women going berserk at a McDonalds drive-through window because they didn’t have any chicken McNuggets.  Of course it wasn’t about the chicken Mcnuggets, it was the straw that broke the camels back.

Stress layers up often without us being aware of it.  We are often stressed about something we are not consciously aware we are stressing about.   We are thinking or worrying about something or telling ourselves something in our subconscious resulting in feeling stressed without really knowing why.

The stress response stays on for one situation and then with each additional stress not only does it pump for stress hormones around our body it increases the expectation that stress is going to occur, become hyper sensitive to it, becomes fear of the fear.

The body indicates is cannot take any more perhaps through headaches, being irritable, not sleeping well or seeking relief perhaps through food, alcohol or drugs.

If you think you could benefit from some help in re-setting your stress response car alarm to a more healthy level let me know.  I have hypnotherapy clinics in London Harley Street and Cornwall.

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