How you could be three feet away from gold

At my hypnotherapy and coaching practice I love helping people achieve their dreams. No-one needs coaching whether life coaching or business coaching but everyone could benefit from it. It’s something you want to do rather than need. 

Here’s a story about someone who made their fortune.

RU Darby’s uncle went west to make his fortune in the gold rush. Armed with just a pick and axe he sent searching for gold. 

After weeks of hard labour and determination he struck gold but needed machinery to mine it and bring it to the surface. He carefully covered his tracks so no-one else could find his treasures and went back home to the east coast to raised the money from family and friends. 

Having raised the money RU Darby went back with his uncle to make their fortune. They quickly made enough to pay for the machinery. It was clear they had one of the most profitable mines in Colorado.

Then something happened.

The vein of gold disappeared.

The Darby’s sold the machinery for scrap and then went back home.

The junk decided to seek advice from a mining engineer. He got himself a coach.

The engineer’s calculations showed the vein of gold was three feet from where the Darby’s stopped drilling. His calculations proved correct.

The ‘junk’ man made millions.

I love this story as it highlights a few of things about success and life.

We can often give up too early.  Many people I see at my coaching practice in the past gave up on their goals, dreams and aspirations because they think they have failed.

They lose faith in themselves. However, failure is part of the journey to success.  Ask any successful person and they will tell you many tails of failure along their journey to where they are today.  It is about continuing to believe in yourself and your goal.

It also highlights the need to seek advice at times. It is great having inspiration, enthusiasm and a goal, just as the Darby’s did.  However it was because they didn’t seek advice as the junk man that meant they failed to achieve what they wanted to. It was not lack of ability, or energy or vision. They had all that. It was that that got them to where they got to. The most successful mine in the region from nothing without any experience.

However we cannot see our own blind spots and sometimes working with some else gives us a new sense of direction and belief in ourselves as we can very often get in our own way.  Cognitive Hypnotherapy and coaching are very powerful tools to help people unblock limiting beliefs, increase their self confidence and belief and equip them to go out and achieve what they want in life. 

What do you want to achieve? What’s holding you back from believing you are three feet away from gold?

No-one needs coaching, it is something you choose to do.

If you want to explore how I can help you find your vein of gold contact me for a conversation and we can explore things together whether at my Cornwall practice or on the phone. I work with people all over the world.


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