It can be lonely at the top.

Everyone around you has an agenda to some degree or other, so people are rarely completely honest.

No one teaches you to be a CEO, you have to learn on the job, whilst every decision or action is scrutinised or judged in some way. You probably rarely get positive feedback except perhaps once a year if you hit your numbers.

Who’s looking out for you? Who’s got your back and is really there to give you the time you deserve?

My complex issues just melted away. Truly inspiring.


The CEO Confidant

As a CEO Confidant, I offer a safe and unbiased space to get insights, vent, get fresh perspectives on challenges and be supported by someone who’s got your back.

The combination of corporate leadership experience and being a coach and therapist enables me to create and bring whatever you need to thrive.


I help people quieten their minds and upgrade the quality of questions they are asking themselves to get clarity and fresh perspectives.



We all need someone who’s got our back unconditionally. I love my clients (and they seem to love me). I’ve got your back.



I help CEOs not just be the best CEO, it’s about connecting them to their innate resourceful, wise and confident self, a state of BEing in all areas of life.


Thinking partner

I am not paid to be your friend or try to please you. I have no agenda. My only agenda is you. I am not scared to challenge your thinking; in fact, it’s my job.



My loving presence is a space where you can vent, be heard and let off steam without recourse.



I am a therapist and coach. I can help you get out of your own way and be your best self.


Get in touch to arrange a conversation to see whether I can help you thrive.

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