Teach your sales team to extend trustworthy, credible proposals framed for easy agreement.

The buyers of your products or services have needs that must be met before they make a buy decision. Do your salespeople know how to uncover and satisfy those needs?

The Everything DiSC Sales Profile

The DiSC® Sales Profile is an in-depth, research-validated online assessment that yields a 23-page sales-specific profile to help salespeople understand themselves, their custom-ers, and their relationships.Report highlights include:

• Understanding Your DiSC Sales Style (Dominance, Influence, Conscientiousness, Steadiness)
• Recognizing and Understanding Customer Buying Styles
• Adapting Your Sales Style to Your Customer’s Buying Style
• Everything DiSC Sales Customer Interaction Maps


I will work with your sales team and help them understand their DiSC Sales Profile to help them understand themselves and how they interact with their prospects more insightfully. I will guide them through adaptation exercises to familiarise them with their DiSC styles and working with other styles they will meet in their prospects.

Deep Listening Before Selling

Too many sales personnel focus on the sale before creating the connection with the buyer. Everyone, not just sales staff, could benefit from learning how to listen more deeply in a way that creates a deeper understanding and connection to prospects, colleagues and family.

I help people listen with a quieter mind so they hear what is being communicated beyond the words. This results in prospects feeling understood and that they can trust your sales staff which builds a deeper relationship with them. It also gives your sales team greater insight to the prospect allowing them to demonstrate how they can meet their needs more effectively.

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