We live an information overload age which can lead to us being easily distracted. This can feed a habitually busy mind making it harder to get in to a state of flow where we do our best work and accomplish more.

I love formulas. Here’s a formula for getting stuff done that’s important to you.

Work accomplished = time x intensity of focus

It can be easy to stop and quickly check emails or do a chore. We think it only takes a few minutes. However there is something called ‘residual attention’. When we go back to our main task having checked emails we think we are back focussing but part of our mind is still on what you’ve just done – residual attention. This is why the length of time doing the deep work is important. You let go of the residual attention and get in to deep work.

It can be easier to respond to emails and people/tasks wanting our attention. This is reactive work. We don’t have to think about what to focus on, it is done for us. Deep work can be harder. We rely on our own discretion on what is important and what to focus on. It comes 100% from us. We are often not used to that as we are so used to reacting to stuff from the outside. Being outside-in. But deep work comes from the inside-out. It flows from within us.

How much time do you take to do deep work whether on your work/business/fun project?

What stops us? Lots of things but it all comes down to Thought.

Thinking we need to respond to the emails with an hour otherwise someone may be upset with us.

Or lack of confidence in our own ideas/creativity/wisdom to trust our inside-out flow.

Perhaps feeling more comfortable with reactive work than going beyond the uncomfortable feeling of taking yourself to a quiet space and doing deep work. We are feeling Thought in the moment nothing else.

So hear’s another formula:

Your innate capability to do deep work – contaminated thinking = deep work

What doing more deep work for your business/job/project give you? Plan some time in the diary to that now.

Enjoy playing with deep work whatever that means for you!

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